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Math End of Module 4 Test in Google Classroom

Math End of Module 4 Test

We will be taking this test over 2 days. Half on Thursday afternoon and the other half on Friday morning.


Math: End of Module 3 Assessment in Google Classroom

Math: End of Module 3 Assessment


Shared Non-Fiction Writing in Google Classroom

Shared Non-Fiction Writing


Writing Assignment 10/15 in Google Classroom

Writing Assignment 10/15

Write about your favorite things to do with your family in the Fall.


Reading Comprehension 10/15 in Google Classroom

Reading Comprehension 10/15

I will read the passage to you twice, listen carefully, then answer the multiple choice questions.


Writing Assignment 10/14 in Google Classroom

Writing Assignment 10/14

Please type a copy of the non-fiction writing assignment you have been working on. When you are done, type an "About the Author" page in the same google doc. 


Read Aloud 10/14 in Google Classroom

Read Aloud 10/14

Enjoy this fall themed read aloud book video.


Phonics assignment 10/14 in Google Classroom

Phonics assignment 10/14

Please complete this phonics activity.


Math Exit Ticket #6 Wednesday in Google Classroom

Math Exit Ticket #6 Wednesday

Please submit a photo of your child's exit ticket to dojo. I will submit feedback here. Thank you!