Positive CCRPI Gains Show Student Achievement Growth

Glynn County Schools continues to make gains toward academic recovery, outperforming state and First District RESA averages on the recently released 2023 College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI).

So much so, the Georgia Department of Education results reveal that GCSS has achieved its largest margin over the state’s single score since the CCRPI began in 2012, and surpassed the state in the CCRPI indicators. (The CCRPI includes the following main components: Content Mastery, Progress, Closing Gaps, Readiness, and an additional component for high schools, Graduation Rate).

According to the report, the overall district score was 83 and the state’s score was 74. This is the second highest score ever recorded in Glynn County Schools history. (The district score was 83.7 in 2019 and was the last year that all indicators were used to create the score).

“We have focused a lot of our efforts on improving instruction for all students and subgroups while monitoring students for both growth and achievement to improve our CCRPI categorial scores,” said Eric Benson, Assistant Superintendent, 6-12.

Digging deeper into data, system scores at the elementary level exceeded state and First District RESA averages in all areas of the CCRPI, with Top 5 rankings in the following components: Closing Gaps (No. 1), Progress (No. 2), Readiness (No. 4), Student Attendance (No. 4), and Content Mastery (No. 5). All elementary schools saw an increase in the number of students reading on or above grade level, with three schools – Burroughs-Molette, Glyndale and Golden Isles – making significant gains in their overall CCRPI scores since 2019.

Middle school wise, system scores were above First District RESA averages in all areas of the CCRPI, with rankings including No. 3 in Readiness and No. 4 in Content Mastery. Needwood Middle saw a five-point increase in its CCRPI score from 71.7 in 2019 to 76.7 in 2023. Additionally, both high schools saw gains in their scores, topping both state and regional averages. High school First District RESA rankings include No. 1 in Content Mastery, No. 1 in Progress, No. 2 in Closing Gaps, and No. 2 in Graduation Rate. Brunswick High rose to a score of 85.4 this year (up from 83 in 2019), and Glynn Academy increased its score to 88.2 (up from 86.8 in 2019). 

“While we are proud of our system-level improvements on CCRPI, we still have work to do,” said Superintendent Scott Spence. “Our teachers have faced many challenges the past few years but they have done a great job. They have weathered the storm and now, we are back above where we were in 2019. We will continue to focus on making gradual progress from academic recovery to continuous improvement.”